Cosmetologist hold cosmetic brush for applying facial mask or scrub aha acids. Acne treatm


*neck and décolleté included in price to optimize results*

Add Dermaplaning for $75         


What it is:

Chemical peels help re-texturize and brighten the skin as well as diminish fine lines, reduce brown spots, and treat acne.  

Choose to have a stand-alone medical grade chemical peel chosen specifically for your goals and skincare needs, or try two of our favorite services in one: dermaplaning + chemical peel (your aesthetic provider will determine the type of peel that is appropriate for you and if your skin can handle the combo of a dermaplaning + peel based off your skin type, goals, sensitivity, and current skincare regimen).

Next your provider will help you choose a chemical peel based off the unique needs of your skin, your goals, and downtime. It is highly recommended to start a medical grade skincare regimen prior to receiving medium-deep depth peels as your skincare will prime your skin for your treatment which will help control and predict more positive outcomes with less side affects, and will help speed up downtime. Additionally, well hydrated skin reacts better to peels than dehydrated skin, so drink plenty of water and take care of your skin prior to your appointment. Skin health is deeper than surface level.


Before your appointment:

If you are not already using one, it is recommended that at least one month prior to your appointment you start on a medical grade skincare regimen. Your provider at Apogee is happy to recommend a regimen based on your skin type and goals. Please visit the Skincare tab for more information.


5 days prior to your appointment, please stop the use of skincare products with hydroquinone, Retin-A, glycolic acids, and avoid waxing or other forms of skin exfoliation. As always, it is recommended that you use a high quality sunscreen, you will need to reschedule your treatment if you become sunburned. It is your responsibility to be prepared for your appointment, it is recommended that you set a reminder in your phone for when to stop using the products listed above prior to your appointment.

After your appointment:

Depending on the type of peel and number of layers applied, your face may be pinkish and feel slightly warm for a few hours after your treatment. Do not wash or touch your face for the rest of the day, if you must touch your face make sure to wash your hands first. You will be sent home with an aftercare kit and thorough post-care instructions. You may resume wearing makeup the next day but please be sure your makeup brushes are clean. You may or may not experience actual peeling in the treated areas (depending on the treatment plan agreed upon at your appointment and your skincare regimen prior to your appointment) beginning on day 2 after your treatment, peeling usually subsides by day 7. It is important that you do not pick or peel the skin as it begins flaking as this can lead to scarring and discoloration. 

So what are you waiting for?

Book your appointment today, we can't wait to see you and answer any other questions you may have! *Please note: a consult is required prior to a deeper peel.

young woman lying on a stretcher in an aesthetic center performing beauty treatment and fa
Cosmetologist hold cosmetic brush for applying facial mask or scrub aha acids. Acne treatm

Before and immediately after the PRX- T33 DermPerfection ("Fountain of Youth") Peel. Top photo is before, bottom photo is immediately after. Treatment completed at Apogee.

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