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Aria Turney RN, BSN

owner & founder

Aria's goal as an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist is to make the inevitable process of aging smooth and graceful. She does not believe in over-filling or over treating and errs on the conservative side of treatment in order to ensure the most natural results. She loves customizing treatments to each patient's anatomy and goals and believes that aesthetics, much like aging, is a journey, which she is excited and honored to get to be by your side during. 
Aria has completed multiple hands-on medical aesthetic courses through Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy as well as InjectionU (sister company to the well known Skin by Lovely) in addition to endless hours of anatomy and technique didactic. Furthermore, Aria has had the opportunity to shadow and learn from some of the most noteworthy and skilled aesthetic injectors in the area and work alongside skilled and knowledgeable Dermatologists. She has a passion for continuing education and takes pride in ensuring her patients have a positive and safe experience at Apogee. Aria is currently working on becoming an independent practicing nurse practitioner through Gonzaga University and is set to graduate in 2024. In the meantime, to ensure patient safety, Aria has a Medical Director in place who specializes in Aesthetic Medicine herself. 



Aria has wanted to be an aesthetic nurse specialist since she first found out she could as a nurse in her first semester of nursing school. She has always loved helping others look and feel their best. Throughout nursing school, Aria worked as a sales rep for a skincare company which fed her passion for dermal health and graceful aging. During nursing school Aria took every chance she could get to volunteer and provide healthcare for those in need in her global community. Her favorite experience was traveling to Uganda where she volunteered in the pediatric ward where the nurse to patient ratio was often 20:1. Once graduated from nursing school, she opted to take a traditional career path in nursing in order to hone her nursing skills and began her career as a nurse working on a busy labor and delivery unit in Colorado. She then was hired to work in an even busier level IV NICU caring for micro-preemies (infants born as early as 26 weeks gestation weighing 500g) from seven surrounding states. Aria relocated back to Washington to be closer to family in 2017 and worked as a kidney and pancreas transplant coordinator at Virginia Mason in Seattle. It was in the Fall of 2020 that Aria decided to move back to her home town of Port Townsend to give back to the community that has given her so much throughout her life and begin pursuing her true passion in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. 


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A bit more about Aria...

When Aria isn't studying or making her patient's beauty goals come true, you can find her volunteering in her community and going on outdoor adventures with her partner, Jeff, and 3lb yorkie, Lola. Their outdoor adventures often consist of beach walks, urban hikes in Seattle to check out diverse architecture, boating, and chanterelle hunting (yes, Lola likes to hunt for chanterelles too).